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About me

My name is Aleksei. I am enthusiast in server management, community management and supporting different projects related to gaming. Starting from 2013, I had invested more than 6000$ into supporting gameservers, their owners; assisting them with legal issues, setting up the servers and websites for them.

My largest and most favourite project so far has been The Uniquecraft Network, established 17th August 2013 and still operating those days. Uniquecraft was first a small-size server that I had funded and then grew into a big-scale project with a solid playerbase. What made Uniquecraft unique was the first fastest-growing Free OP server. It was definitely an unique idea those days.

Currently I work at Estonian IT-related retail store chain as a store manager. I pretty much enjoy my job, colleagues and that's what gives me strength to continue and support the gaming when I go home and expect to rest in well-managed servers with great people around.

Apart from minecraft servers I am very passionate about administrating Linux (CentOS 6) servers. I enjoy deploying the hardest to achieve the best. Besides that, I enjoy giving good legal advice in terms of copyright and assistance related to copyrighting and defending own materials from unacceptable use of such.

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